Doggo Travel Bag
Doggo Travel Bag
Doggo Travel Bag
Doggo Travel Bag
Doggo Travel Bag
Doggo Travel Bag
Doggo Travel Bag

Doggo Travel Bag

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DogBiznus Doggo Travel bag

The Doggo Travel Bag is the perfect way to carry your dog's food or dog accessories with you on every adventure. Suited for any long or one-day adventure. No more wasting plastic ziplock baggies or filling up containers that take up space and make so much noise when you move. Fill up with kibble at home, roll down, clip together, and head out for adventure!

Our Doggo Travel Bag always has a side handle or top handle that makes for easy carry, with an additional loop to clip your Backpacking Bowl too.

The Doggo Travel bag packs down to however much kibble is packed for a space-saving design, and holds about 40 cups, or 2.5kg (5 lbs) of kibble when full. The bag is approximately 12" x 18" when laid out flat. It is water-resistant for every adventure.

Should you be feeding raw, we recommend filling your bag with 100% freeze-dried meat or simply use the bag for all of your dog's equipment.


Shipping times can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks in Australia, as we live very remote at the moment. Overseas order will take approximately 2-4 weeks.

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If your dog is new to wearing packs, start with wearing the harness without any contents and slowly work up to heavier loads. 10-12% of your dog’s body weight is a good starting point for a load weight. However, this percentage varies depending on a number of factors such as your dog’s breed, physical fitness and energy level. At no time should your dog carry more than 25% of its body weight.

For your dogs safety do not use while your dog is unattended, or while your dog is swimming or running. For best results keep your dog’s load balanced between the two bags. Keep your dog properly nourished and hydrated before using this pack. When your dog wants to rest, do not force your dog to keep going. When resting, remove the dog backpack harness to shift weight off your dog's back. Not for use on puppies or senior dogs. Consult your vet with any questions or concerns about your dog using this product or the carrying weight.

The top handle is designed only for temporary lift assistance for dogs up to 25kg's and should not be used to carry your dog.

We recommend using your dog's backpack to carry water (either in a bottle or bladder), or our collapsible bowls, dog food or treats for longer hikes or overnight trips, pet waste pick-up bags, first aid kit, sunscreen, misc small items like car keys, phones, ect.

Backpacks are a great way to give your dog a job that they will enjoy which helps promote positive behavior, focus, and happiness for pups. Dog backpacks are also a great way to provide a workout for your pup to help build muscle and strength.

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