Did you ever hear anyone say that? Nope? That’s right, because climbing rope dog leashes are one of the toughest, most long-lasting dog leashes in the history of dog leashes!

The first time we visited an indoor climbing centre with our 5 and 3 year old, we fell in love with these colourful, robust and versatile material that is climbing rope. Since then, we noticed them everywhere we went! Almost everywhere. From our friendly office window cleaners hanging outside the 10th level waving hello, to a canyoning trip where we tried to abseil down a (small!) waterfall in Macquarie Pass, to the set up in our local gym, and that time when we went on a sailboat and almost jumped, we’ve seen some interesting and beautiful designs of this material. Wouldn’t it be great that these climbing ropes can be used for more?

Using climbing ropes to make dog leashes is not new. We know that. We’ve done our research. And here are the top 5 reasons for why you should get yourself a climbing rope dog leash, today!

  1. Robust and strong
  2. Light weight
  3. Durable
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Great selection of designs

And what gives the climbing rope dogs leashes such amazing qualities?

They are made out of Nylon
Nylon is the go-to material when it comes to making modern climbing ropes. It gives the ropes a silky feel (comfort for your hand!), while maintaining the elasticity and resilience needed for a dog leash. The material is durable, it can withstand extreme weathers - just be sure to let it dry fully when it’s been in the water. Nylon is also light weight, so the leash won’t tug on your precious pooch when you are out and about. Nylon can be dyed in any colour that you can think of, making them a versatile material when it comes to the aesthetic design of the rope.

The way the climbing ropes are made
If climbing ropes can help break a fall of a rock climber from height, suffice to say, they can withstand the pull of your fur friend when they bolt to greet their best buddy in the park.
The climbing rope is made with two parts, there is an inner core and an outside layer. First, thin strands of nylon are wound together to make thicker yarn, then about 10 to 15 piece of this yarn are twisted together again to make the inner core of the rope. A machine will then braid colourful strands of nylon around this inner core to form a protect outer layer. 


These braiding machines can be programmed to create many different patterns, resulting in some very unique designs here at Ruff Buddy. Finally, the ropes are tested for tension and strength, then voila! You have it.

The important role of the carabiner hook
We cannot talk about the greatness of the climbing rope dog leash without mentioning the important role of the carabiner hook. We already know that the carabiner hooks are used by climbers and the safety industry, which make them a strong candidate to complete the quality of Ruff Buddy’s climbing rope dog leashes.

Ruff Buddy’s carabiner hooks are made with aluminium, which means they are light weight (our screw gate carabiners weighs only 27g!), can withstand rust and harsh weather conditions, so you can take your pooch to more adventurous places. They are also industry graded, so they can take on enormous amount of force, making keeping your pooch safe when they suddenly decide to run in a different direction a more reassuring task.

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