Choosing the right leash


It’s a question that daunts many a new dog owner. What leash size to choose, and what's going to be the most practical leash for a puppy, and for existing owners, you may ask, am I using the correct length lead for my dog? Or, is there something I could be doing differently to help create a better experience on my daily walks or adventures? And, well the answer is probably YES!

There is no one size fits all mantra when it comes to dog leads, in fact having the correct length lead will not only help control your dog, but enhance the experience you both have in many different situations.

Here we will run through four of our favourite leads, and why they are suited to your next adventure. We will also cover what materials suit different situations.



At 1.5 foot long, the training leash is short yet strong, and will be a practical addition to your leash arsenal.

First and foremost, this length is ideal for keeping your pup close to you when training. We find it greatly assists in teaching your dog to heel. If you have kids, it's a very good length for them to use when walking the dog and it's especially handy in providing added control during close encounters like on busy footpaths, carparks, or going to the vet.




The standard dog leash is six foot long, and we find that our range of six foot leashes are super popular but this doesn't mean that the six foot bad boy is suitable for every dawg. 

Here's why: At six feet long this leash gives your dog so much more freedom! Room to explore and sniff, you name it your dog will have more lee-way to reach it, including those chips that someone dropped on the footpath!

Long leashes are a popular choice for places like the park, bush walks or open areas where your dog can sniff freely.

The six foot leash should provide a little slack, and in most cases, dogs are less likely to pull when presented with it, however, ensuring your dog is loose leash trained will help significantly. Something to remember when using this leash, keep the slack off the ground to prevent tripping and tangling.

New dog owners keep in mind, it's definitely a longer leash for a non-trained dog so be aware that you may be reeling the length in to gain control. 

"From the minute I received my package to going on a walk with my border collie, I knew this lead and collar was amazing quality and will last a long time! My Jasper pulls so much and I love that I feel like I have control when using this lead but it also allows him to venture further with the length. I also love how I can support my Australian family!" ~Claire



Before you even start to look, we suggest that no matter what kind of leash you choose, it should be well-made with a secure clasp and comfortable for you to use. Below we outline some of the materials you could consider for your dogs leash.

Nylon: A strong, anti-fade, weather friendly material is a good choice. Not only is this material lightweight, odour resistant and easily washable it folds up simply which makes it a handy option to have as a 'spare' in your car or in a travel bag, it's also compact enough to stash in your pocket. Be sure to choose a nylon dog leash that has a secure clip. We especially like the lightweight, aluminium swivel carabiners that don't rust.

Chain Link - Stainless Steel: A strong, bite proof material for serious chewers! These are however often heavy and the jingle jangle and weight of this style lead can be cumbersome to use when walking. Not our first choice for obvious reasons. Puppies do tend to chew though, for a year or more, so if you're concerned with leash turnover, choose a leash that will survive those seriously sharp teeth.

Cotton: Although cotton looks similar to climbing rope, its not the best performer in our eyes, as when it gets wet, it becomes a hot heavy, soggy mess!

Climbing Rope: Strong, lightweight, weatherproof, mould and mildew resistant and water friendly. That's a lot of benefits! As this rope is made for climbing it's dynamic which means its able to stretch, and when combined with a sturdy screw gate carabiner clip – it's a safe and secure choice as well. Owners with active dogs tend to choose this material as it's comfortable in the hand while walking. Rope dog leashes don't require a great deal of maintenance and are easy to wash and hang dry, making this style of leash one of our firm favourites! 

Reflective: If you're highly active and like to beat the 9am rush on the footpath, choose a dog leash with reflective weave and ensure your dog can bee seen during early morning and late evening walks and adventures. It can make all the difference when walking by busy roads and a bit of high vis at night looks cool too!


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