8 Dangerous food for your dog

Snout hard pressed to your lap and those pleading puppy dawg eyes, no wonder we feel the urge to give in to our beautiful pups.

It’s hard and we know it, but we have to be firm and resist the temptation to treat (and possibly harm) our best buddies.

Many foods that hoomans love to devour on a daily basis during ISO (chocolates yum!) are just not good for our besties, and in fact, the seemingly kind gesture of sharing our treats with our pups can be very harmful.

It was only a few weeks ago when we witnessed a dog owner share a baked treat outside the local bakery. We’re guessing what the owner didn’t know is that the item being shared contained sultanas – and sultanas are not good for your pups health.

Because of this, we have compiled a short list of some foods that shouldn’t be shared with our little fur friends.

  1. FRIED BACON – it’s the classic Sunday morning fry up and we love it, but your dog is a fit healthy machine and these fats are not easily digested by your dog and should be avoided. It also contains a high amount of salt in in some cases (large quantities) can cause Pancreatitis.
  2. CHOCOLATE – Milk, White, Dark – it’s all bad for the pooch. Good news is hoomans get to eat 100% of it and don’t have to share it! Sweet!
  3. RAISINS/SULTANAS/GRAPES – These little moist delights are potentially dangerous for your dogs’ kidneys and should be avoided – even if you drop one on the floor of your kitchen when making raisin toast, bin it stat!
  4. GARLIC/ONIONS – The foundation of many cooking dishes, these can cause an upset tummy for your dog and aren’t easily digested like hoomans. Avoid this and keep your dogs intestines in tip top shape!
  5. COFFEE – Ever seen a lazy dog in the morning that isn’t happy to see you? Nah us either. They don’t need caffeine! Dogs simply can’t deal with the ingredient know as Methylxanthines which can cause serious reactions. Water only for your pooch.
  6. NUTS – Don’t mind a salty cashew at beer o’clock? Well, keep these little morsels to yourself because nuts can cause severe reactions like vomiting and diarrhoea, and in severe cases Pancreatitis.
  7. SALT – Eating too much salt in food or drinking too much salt water at the beach can make your dog seriously thirsty and can lead to serious dehydration, diarrhoea and sodium poisoning. Avoid at all costs and definitely keep an eye on your dog’s water activity when at the beach.
  8. ALCOHOL – Don’t mind a tipple or two? Good news, your pup doesn’t need to drink to share a laugh with you. This is also why we don’t see dogs at bars ordering Gin & Tonics, although that would be howling good to see!

There are many more foods outside of this list that should be kept away from your pets. If you are unsure if it is good for your dog, resist temptation to feed a potentially hazardous hooman food item to your best friend.

Like always if you are unsure about a certain food that your dog may have eaten, please consult your local vet who would be happy to provide advice on any questions or concerns about what to do next.

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